Ajah Postal Code: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve ever been curious about Nigerian postal codes, particularly those in Lagos, you’ve come to the perfect spot. This blog post will look at Ajah Postal Code, a city in Lagos State, Nigeria. Ajah is recognized for its multiple streets, each with distinct personalities and facilities. Understanding postal codes is critical for efficient mail delivery and accurate location identification.

Understanding Nigerian Postal Codes

Before we get into the intricacies of Ajah’s postal code, let’s have a look at how Nigeria’s postal code system works. Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric and include six digits. The first digit denotes one of the country’s nine regions, while the second and third digits, when joined to the first, denote the dispatch district for outbound sorting. The following three digits indicate whether the mail or package will be delivered to a post office facility, a rural region, or an urban site.

Ajah Postal Codes

Overview Of Ajah’s Postal Code

Ajah is a thriving village in Lagos State, Nigeria’s South West Geopolitical Zone. It has grown rapidly over the years and has become a popular location for both people and companies.

Geographical Location

Ajah is part of the Lagos Metropolitan Area and consists of multiple streets with the same postal codes. This simplified postal system streamlines and improves mail delivery reliability.

Ajah Postal Code

Ajah’s postal code is 101245. This code is shared by several streets in Ajah, ensuring that mail and parcels are delivered to their correct recipients.

Lagos State Postal Code – Ajah Area

Ajah is a neighborhood in Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, having many streets that have the same postal codes. This number promotes effective mail delivery and area organization. The postal codes for Ajah are as follows:

101245 Victoria Garden City Street

Victoria Garden City (VGC) is an upmarket residential community in Ajah, Lagos State, recognized for its modern facilities and luxury lifestyle. VGC Street’s postal code is 101245, making it simple for inhabitants to receive mail and parcels.

101245 Osapa London Street

Victoria Garden City shares the postal code 101245 with Osapa London Street, a bright and bustling thoroughfare. This code simplifies mail delivery for both locations, making it more convenient for households and companies alike.

101245 Jakande Estate

Jakande Estate is a well-established residential development in the Ajah area. Residents with the postal code 101245 may expect flawless mail services and timely deliveries.

101245 Ilasan Street

Ilasan Street, a bustling street in Ajah, shares the postal code 101245 with other significant destinations in the vicinity. This code guarantees that mail and parcels are delivered to residences and businesses on time.

101245 Ikota Street

Ikota Street is located in Ajah and is recognized for its diverse business companies and residential complexes. The postal code 101245 optimizes mail and parcel delivery for the convenience of inhabitants.

Ajah’s Postal Code

Ajah Postal Code

101245 Ikate Street

Ikate Street, which is also a part of Ajah, shares the postal code 101245 with its neighbors. This code enables accurate letter delivery, contributing to the area’s well-organized postal system.

101245 Igbo Efon Street

Igbo Efon Street, a vibrant and diverse Ajah neighborhood, has also allocated the postal code 101245. This code is critical in expediting the delivery process and guaranteeing the efficiency of postal services.

101245 Ajiran Street

Ajiran Street, recognized for its residential communities and business establishments, has the same postal codes as other important neighborhoods in Ajah, 101245. This code ensures that people and businesses receive their mail on time.

101245 Ajah Street

The allocation of this postal code 101245 is to Ajah Street, the center of this lively neighborhood. This code forms the backbone of Ajah’s postal system, guaranteeing the seamless and timely transportation of mail and goods.

101245 Ado Street

Another notable district in Ajah is Ado Street, which shares the postal number 101245 with its adjacent streets. The code is critical to the postal service’s efficient operation in this dynamic location.

FAQs On Ajah Postal Code

  • Is it true that all streets in Ajah have the same postal code?
    Yes, the postal code 101245 is shared by all of the streets named above in Ajah.
  • In Eti-Osa Local Government, what is the postal code for Badore Village?
    Badore Village in Eti-Osa Local Government has the postal code 101245.
  • Royal Gardens, Ajah, what is the zip code?
    Royal Gardens in Ajah has the zip code 101245.
  • Ocean Bay Estate on Orchid Road in Ajah has what zip code?
    Ocean Bay Estate on Orchid Road in Ajah has the zip code 101245.
  • What are the postal codes for Buena Vista Estate in Ajah, located on Orchid Road?
    Buena Vista Estate on Orchid Road in Ajah has postal code 101245.

Conclusion On Ajah Postal Code

Finally, the postal code for Ajah in Lagos City, Nigeria is 101245. These postal codes encompass several streets in Ajah, making it simpler for postal services to deliver mail and goods on time. Adopting a well-structured postal code system improves mailing efficiency and guarantees that everyone receives their message correctly.

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