Ikorodu Postal Code: A Guide to Ikorodu Zip Codes in Lagos State

We shall delve into the world of the Ikorodu Postal Code and its numerous zip codes in this blog post. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking reliable and up-to-date information on Ikorodu’s postal codes. Let’s go on an adventure to learn about the postal codes of Ikorodu, one of the biggest cities in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Introduction to Ikorodu: A Vibrant City in Lagos State, Nigeria

Ikorodu is a bustling and thriving metropolitan hub in Lagos State, Nigeria, with a rich cultural legacy. It is located around 37 kilometers north of Lagos, along the gorgeous Lagos Lagoon, and shares a border with Ogun State. Ikorodu, Nigeria’s 12th biggest city, has a population of over one million people and is increasing at a phenomenal pace of 5.26% every year. Its population is expected to reach 1.7 million by 2035, making it a vital focus of growth and development in the region.

Ikorodu’s indigenous residents arrived from Sagamu in Ogun State, infusing the city with a fusion of cultures and customs. As the biggest local government in Lagos State, Ikorodu is vital to the state’s economic, social, and cultural fabric.

Ikorodu’s Geography and Economy

The strategic position of Ikorodu along the Lagos Lagoon, as well as its closeness to Ogun State, have contributed to its economic prominence. The city’s economy is based on a variety of businesses, including commerce, agriculture, and manufacturing. Ikorodu’s thriving commerce operations are an important economic engine, while agriculture adds to the region’s sustenance and growth. The town’s industrial sector is expanding, generating job opportunities and economic growth.

The Ikorodu Division: A Web of Diverse Communities

Ikorodu Division has several areas, each with its distinct personality and identity. Imota, Isiu, Liadi, Egbin, Ijede, Igbogbo, and Bayeku are some of the adjacent important towns and localities. These territories have their own Local Council Development Area, which is overseen by their traditional rulers (Obas). They combine to generate the rich and diversified environment that is Ikorodu Division.

The Value of Correct Postal Codes

Postal codes are essential for improving postal delivery services. The right postal code assists postal employees and courier services in identifying the specific location and delivering the mail accurately and effectively. For businesses, precise postal codes guarantee that their items reach their clients on time and without error. Furthermore, having exact postal codes enhances the overall logistics and administration of the postal system, which benefits both Ikorodu inhabitants and companies.

Unravel the Ikorodu Zip and Postal Codes

Postal codes are required for effective mail delivery and location identification. As a vast and vibrant city, Ikorodu is split into various districts, each with its postal code. Ikorodu’s postal codes are six digits, thanks to the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST).

Here’s a comprehensive list of Ikorodu postal codes and their corresponding districts:

Ikorodu Rural Area:

  • Abayomi Odubena St. St.: 104222
  • Abibu Oki Street: 104222
Ikorodu Postal Code

Urban Locations in Ikorodu:

  • Sule Bello Street: 104222
  • Salomen Street: 104222
  • Sakiru Oyekau Street: 104222
  • Owutu Police Station Street: 104222
  • Owatunmise Ave. Street: 104222
  • Omodisu Street: 104222
  • Oladele Adeniji Street: 104222
  • Odubanjo Odedimu Street: 104222
  • Odo Arawa Street: 104222
  • Muda Village Street: 104222
  • Majeobaje Street: 104222
  • Ls Govt. Social Welfare & TG Center Street: 104222
  • Ls Govt. Disable Persons Center Street: 104222
  • Kayode Sokunbi Street: 104222
  • Igbehinadun Street: 104222
  • Habeeb Akinlade Street: 104222
  • Gunwa Ola Street: 104222
  • Francis Onajinriu Street: 104222
  • Cole Village Street: 104222
  • C.C.C. Okiki Oluwa Street: 104222
  • Bidemi Street: 104222
  • Bayo Oluye Street: 104222
  • Alli Oluwafuyi Village Street: 104222
  • Akinyemi Ayodele Cres. Street: 104222
  • Akin Olagunju Close: 104222
  • Agbede Street: 104222
  • Adewale Aderibigbe Street: 104222
  • Ademole Ojo Close: 104222

Other Districts in Ikorodu:

The list continues with more districts and their corresponding postal codes, ensuring every area in Ikorodu is covered efficiently.

FAQs About Ikorodu Postal Code

Q: Are zip codes and postal codes the same?

A: Yes, zip codes and postal codes are the same, but the terminologies vary across different countries.

Q: How do zip codes facilitate mail delivery?

A: Zip codes help in the efficient sorting and delivery of mail by directing them to the correct geographic locations.

Q: What are the future growth prospects for Ikorodu?

A: Ikorodu project to continue its steady growth and may house 1.7 million inhabitants by 2035.

Q: Is Ikorodu known for any particular industries?

A: Yes, Ikorodu’s main industries include trading, farming, and manufacturing.

Q: What language is commonly spoken in Ikorodu?

A: The Ijebu dialect is widely spoken in Ikorodu.

Conclusion: Ikorodu Postal Code

Ikorodu is a city that combines history and progress, embracing the future while honoring its cultural origins. As the city grows and evolves, postal codes become increasingly important in ensuring effective mail delivery and location identification.

Understanding the Ikorodu postal codes is vital for seamless travel and communication within the city, whether you’re a resident, a company owner, or a visitor. We hope that this thorough guide has given you with useful insights and information, allowing you to keep updated about the postal codes of this bustling metropolis.

Remember, if you have any postal or zip code-related questions in Ikorodu or elsewhere, you can always rely on us for reliable and up-to-date information.

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