Lagos Postal Codes: Your Full Guide to the Right Postal Code

Lagos Postal Codes – A Comprehensive Guide to Locating the Correct Postal Code in Lagos, Nigeria

Are you looking for the Lagos, Nigeria postal code? Having the correct postal code is critical for mailing mail, handling fraud detection, or researching demographic information. We’ll give you all the information you need to locate the correct postal code for any region in Lagos in this blog post. So let’s get started!

Understanding Postal Codes in Lagos

Postal codes, often known as zip codes, are a series of digits allocated to specific addresses to facilitate mail delivery. The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is in charge of allocating postal codes in Nigeria. Lagos State is a significant metropolitan region with its own set of postal codes.

The Lagos postal code is a 6-digit number that aids in the identification of various places within the state. Each neighborhood has its postal code, which allows mail carriers to deliver letters and goods precisely.

Local Government Areas and State Divisions in Lagos

Lagos State is split into five administrative divisions, each with 20 local government areas (LGAs). These LGAs cover a variety of Lagos towns, districts, and neighborhoods. To determine the precise postal code for a location in Lagos, use NIPOST’s official list of Lagos Postal Codes.

Some of the most well-known local government councils in Lagos State are:

  1. Agege LGA
  2. Ajeromi Ifelodun LGA
  3. Alimosho LGA
  4. Amuwo Odofin LGA
  5. Apapa LGA
  6. Badagry LGA
  7. Epe LGA
  8. Eti Osa LGA
  9. Ibeju LGA
  10. Ikeja LGA
  11. Ikorodu LGA
  12. Kosofe LGA
  13. Lagos Island LGA
  14. Lagos Mainland LGA
  15. Mushin LGA
  16. Ojo LGA
  17. Oshodi-Isolo LGA
  18. Shomolu LGA
  19. Surulere LGA
  20. Lekki Phase 1

Each of these LGAs has specific postal codes associated with them. To find the postal code for a particular area within Lagos, such as Lekki or Ikeja, you can search for the specific area’s postal code followed by “Lagos postal code.” This will provide you with an accurate postal code for that location.

Sources of Reliable Lagos Postal Codes

To confirm the accuracy of the postal codes, it is important to consult reputable sources. Here are a few places where you may discover a comprehensive and up-to-date list of Lagos postal codes:

Nigeria Postcodes: This site provides an official list of Lagos postal codes for various localities and streets around the state.

Nigeria Postal Codes: This website gives comprehensive and accurate postal codes for all Lagos State municipalities and LGAs. It underlines the need of choosing the correct postal code for your particular area or municipality within Lagos.

Nigeria PostalCodes: This website provides a thorough list of postal codes for places around Lagos City. It displays a list of streets and their related postal codes.

Legit. ng: Legit. ng has a comprehensive list of Lagos postal codes. It organizes postal codes into regions and locations, making it simple to find a certain location.

You may identify the exact postal code for any place inside Lagos by consulting these sources, assuring accurate and quick mail delivery.

Lagos Postal Codes

Metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas of Lagos State

Lagos State, in Nigeria’s southwest, is separated into metropolitan and non-metropolitan districts. It is made up of 20 local government areas (LGAs), four of which are categorized as non-metropolitan Lagos and the remaining 16 as Lagos. Each LGA, as well as its accompanying districts and places, is issued a unique postal code. Let’s look at some prominent Lagos neighborhoods and their postal codes:

  1. Lagos Mainland: Postal Code 101245
  2. Lagos Island: Postal Code 101223
  3. Ikeja: Postal Code 100001
  4. Surulere: Postal Code 101283
  5. Agege: Postal Code 100283
  6. Mushin: Postal Code 102283
  7. Ajah: Postal Code 101245
  8. Alimosho: Postal Code 100275
  9. Apapa: Postal Code 101254

These are only a few examples; many more places in Lagos have their postal codes. It is crucial to remember that postal codes might differ based on the district or town within an LGA. When performing your search for the correct postal code for your location of interest, you must utilize the particular district or town name.

Importance of Using the Correct Lagos Postal Code

It is critical to use the right postal code for various reasons. For starters, it guarantees mail and shipment delivery accurately and on schedule. When you supply the right postal code, postal workers can sort and deliver your mail more effectively. Furthermore, when conducting commercial activities such as fraud detection or demographic research, precise postal codes are critical to ensure the integrity of your data and analysis.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I find the postal code for Lagos State? A: To find the postal code for Lagos State, you can use reliable sources like the Nigeria Postal Service Postcode Lookup System or other websites that provide accurate postal code information.

Q: Are postal codes the same for all areas in Lagos? A: No, each area within Lagos has a unique postal code. It is important to use the specific postal code for your exact district or town.

Q: How many local government areas are there in Lagos State? A: Lagos State has a total of 20 local government areas.

Q: Can I send mail without a postal code in Lagos? A: While the recommendation is to include the postal code for accurate and efficient mail delivery, you can still send mail without it. However, using the correct postal code improves the chances of timely delivery.

Q: Where can I find a complete list of Lagos postal codes? A: Reliable sources such as the Nigeria Postal Service Postcode Lookup System or reputable websites specializing in postal codes provide comprehensive lists of Lagos postal codes.


Finally, the postal code for Lagos, Nigeria, is necessary for a variety of functions such as mail delivery, company operations, and demographic research. Lagos State is split into metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, each with its postal code. You may quickly obtain the proper postal code for your target region inside Lagos by using internet resources such as,, or the NIPOST postcode lookup system. So, the next time you ship a product or perform research, make sure to use the correct Lagos, Nigeria postal code.

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