Sangotedo Postal Code: A Guide to Nigeria Postal Codes

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for the Sangotedo postal code in Nigeria. The postal code system in Nigeria is critical for effective mail delivery, and comprehending it is necessary for a variety of reasons. In this blog post, we’ll look into Sangotedo’s postal code and present a summary of Lagos State’s postal codes. Also covering its location, boundaries, and significance.

Introducing Sangotedo

Sangotedo is a vibrant and thriving community situated in Nigeria. It is located in the Eti Osa Local Government Area (L.G.A) in Lagos State, which is one of the most populous and economically significant regions in the country. Sangotedo is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, diverse population, and robust economic activities.

106104 is the postal code for Sangotedo

The postal code for Sangotedo is 106104. This unique identity is required for correct delivery and identification of location inside the region.

Boundaries and Location

Sangotedo is located in the Nigerian state of Lagos, and its postal code (106104) aids in the delineation of its precise borders for mail and package delivery.

Services for Postal Code Mapping

Several web platforms offer postal code mapping services. These tools may be used to identify specific areas, such as Sangotedo, by utilizing their postal codes.

How to Use Sangotedo Postal Codes

To ensure fast and accurate delivery, add the right postal code (106104) when sending mail or parcels to Sangotedo.

The Importance of Correct Postal Codes

Correct postal codes are essential for companies, government institutions, and individuals. They contribute to the overall effectiveness of the country’s postal services by assisting in the maintenance of a streamlined delivery system.

Nigerian Postal Code History

Postal codes were first used in Nigeria some decades ago. Over time, the system has evolved, speeding the letter delivery process and eliminating mistakes.

Other Countries’ Postal Code Systems

Worldwide, postal code systems exist, and many nations have implemented comparable systems to improve mail delivery efficiency.

Technology’s Role in Postal Code Systems

Technological advancements have played an important role in streamlining postal code systems and increasing mail delivery services.

The Influence of Postal Codes on eCommerce

In the age of eCommerce, proper postal codes are critical for the easy and quick delivery of online purchases.

Postal Code System Developments in the Future

Postal code systems are projected to evolve more as technology advances, substantially improving mail delivery services.

Sangotedo’s Postal Code

Other Postal Codes in Lagos State

Lagos State, being a vast and bustling region, encompasses several local government areas, each with its unique postal codes. Here are some of the postal codes for streets and places in Eti Osa L.G.A, Lagos State:

  • Alhaji Ribadu Rd. St.: 101233
  • Akambi Baramola St.: 101233
  • Norman Williams St.: 101233
  • Omo Osagie Street St.: 101233
  • Okun Ola Martins St.: 101233
  • Okotie Eboh Road St.: 101233
  • Pole Road St.: 101233
  • State House St.: 101233
  • Sumbe Jibowu Rd. St.: 101233
  • Club Road St.: 101233
  • Kingsway Close St.: 101233
  • Mulliner Road St.: 101233
  • Barrow Road St.: 101233
  • Bell Avenue St.: 101233
  • Ikoyi Hotel St.: 101233
  • Glover Road St.: 101233
  • Glover Court St.: 101233
  • Lees Road St.: 101233
  • More House Road St.: 101233
  • Reeve Road St.: 101233
  • Shaw Road St.: 101233
  • Second Avenue St.: 101233
  • Cameroon Road St.: 101233
  • Inner Crescent St.: 101233
  • Ikoyi Crescent St.: 101233
  • Lugard Avenue St.: 101233
  • Osborne Road St.: 101233
  • Temple Road St.: 101233
  • Serring Road St.: 101233
  • Agodogba Drive St.: 101233
  • Ajasa Oluwa St.: 101233
  • Browon Road St.: 101233
  • Fowler Road St.: 101233
  • Gerrard Road St.: 101233
  • Moseley Road St.: 101233
  • Milverton Road St.: 101233
  • Parkview St.: 101233
  • Rumsey Road St.: 101233
  • Ruxton Road St.: 101233
  • Sule Close St.: 101233
  • Thomson Avenue St.: 101233
  • Alexander Avenue St.: 101233
  • Cooper Road St.: 101233
  • Hawksworth Road St.: 101233
  • Jabita Close St.: 101233
  • Jamb Office St.: 101233
  • Lawrence Road St.: 101233
  • Mac Donald Road St.: 101233
  • Moore Road Chalet St.: 101233
  • Turnbull Road St.: 101233
  • Akinfosile Street St.: 101233
  • Benson Road St.: 101233
  • Dipcharima Close St.: 101233
  • Koyode Fashing Close St.: 101233

FAQs On Sangotedo Postal Code

  • What is the significance of the Sangotedo Postal Code? The Sangotedo Postal Code (106104) is crucial for efficient mail sorting and delivery within the area. It helps postal workers and delivery services locate specific addresses easily.
  • Is the Sangotedo Postal Code the same as the ZIP code used in the United States? The Sangotedo Postal Code and the ZIP code used in the United States serve similar purposes but have different formats and structures. The Sangotedo Postal Code is a series of six digits (106104), while the ZIP code in the US consists of five digits (e.g., 12345) or nine digits (e.g., 12345-6789).
  • How can I use the Sangotedo Postal Code to send mail or packages? When sending mail or packages to Sangotedo, you should include the correct postal code (106104) in the address. This ensures that your mail reaches the intended destination promptly.
  • Can I use the Sangotedo Postal Code for other areas in Lagos State? No, the Sangotedo Postal Code (106104) is specific to the Sangotedo area in Lagos State. Other areas in Lagos State have their unique postal codes, which you should use for accurate deliveries.

Sangotedo Postal Code

  • Where can I find a map of Sangotedo with the Postal Code boundaries? You can find a boundary map of the Sangotedo Postal Code (106104) on the World Postal Codes website. The map will give you a visual representation of the area covered by the postal code.
  • Are postal codes mandatory for mail delivery in Nigeria? Yes, postal codes are essential for efficient mail delivery in Nigeria. They play a vital role in sorting and routing mail, reducing delays, and ensuring accurate deliveries.
  • Is there any updated list of postal codes for other areas in Lagos State? Yes, you can find an updated list of postal codes for various areas in Lagos State on the Nigeria Postcodes website. This list will help you find the specific postal codes for different local government areas and towns within Lagos State.
  • Are postal codes used in other countries as well? Yes, many countries worldwide use postal codes or ZIP codes to facilitate efficient mail delivery and location identification. Each country has its postal code system tailored to its unique geographic and administrative structure.
  • How often are postal codes updated or revised? Postal codes may be updated or revised periodically to accommodate changes in administrative boundaries, population growth, or improvements in mail delivery infrastructure. It is essential to stay updated with the latest postal code information for accurate mail delivery.


Knowing the proper postal code is essential for timely letter delivery and effective communication. Sangotedo, Lagos State, has the postal code 106104, whereas Eti Osa LGA, which includes Sangotedo, has the postal code 101233. The postal code for Oto is 101245.

The next time you need to send or receive mail from one of these places, know that with the right postal code, your letter will arrive on time.

Remember that utilizing the correct postal code shows attention to detail and assures a trouble-free postal experience!

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