Zip Code Ogun State: A Vast Guide to Postal Codes in Ogun State

Are you seeking the most up-to-date zip codes in Ogun State? There is no need to look any further! This comprehensive post will offer you a thorough list of zip codes for various places in Ogun State. This blog post will be your go-to reference whether you need to send mail, make an online transaction, or know the exact zip code for a given region. So, let’s dig in and discover Zip Code Ogun State.


Ogun State is a Nigerian state in the southwest noted for its rich cultural legacy, historic sites, and industrial importance. With the state’s various cities, towns, and villages, knowing the proper zip code becomes critical for effective mail delivery and other postal services.

What exactly is a Zip Code?

A ZIP code is an abbreviation for Zone Improvement Plan code, it’s also known as a postal code. This is a numerical number used by postal services to designate certain geographic locations. It facilitates efficient mail and package sorting and delivery. To guarantee accurate and timely delivery, each location within a country or region is issued a unique zip code. Zip codes are critical in Ogun State for arranging mail distribution throughout its numerous cities, villages, and communities.

Importance of Zip Codes

Zip codes are critical components of the postal system, acting as a fundamental component for identifying locations and ensuring prompt mail delivery. In Ogun State, they fulfill numerous essential tasks. They improve delivery efficiency by streamlining mail sorting procedures and eliminating mistakes. Furthermore, zip codes assist companies and organizations in maintaining accurate records and databases by ensuring that addresses are properly connected with their appropriate locations. Furthermore, zip codes allow courier services to give precise shipping prices and estimations, allowing people and companies to better schedule their delivery. It is critical to provide the exact zip code whether sending a letter, a package, or purchasing things online.

How to Locate the Zip Code for a Specific Location in Ogun State

Finding the exact zip code for a specific location in Ogun State is simple. There are numerous approaches you can take:

Visit trustworthy internet Directories: Zip code directories such as Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) or These platforms offer simple search options that enable you to locate zip codes by inputting a certain area or address.

NIPOST Office: Go to your local NIPOST office and enquire about the zip code you need. The friendly staff will assist you in locating the relevant code for your area.

Post Office Boxes: If you have a post office box address, the zip code is usually issued automatically depending on the location of the post office.

Inquire Locally: Request the zip code from locals or local businesses in your neighborhood. Based on their experience, they can give helpful insights.

Zip Codes in Major Cities of Ogun State


  • Abeokuta North: 110001
  • Abeokuta South: 110002


  • Ijebu-Ode: 120001


  • Sagamu: 121101


  • Ilaro: 211101


  • Ota: 112101
Zip Code Ogun State

Zip Codes in Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Ogun State

Ado-Odo/Ota LGA

  • Agbado: 110214
  • Ijoko: 110108

Abeokuta North LGA

  • Oke-Ilewo: 110101
  • Asero: 110102

Ewekoro LGA

  • Itori: 112104
  • Papalanto: 112105

Ijebu East LGA

  • Ago-Iwoye: 120102
  • Ogbere: 120109

Obafemi-Owode LGA

  • Owode: 110311
  • Wasinmi: 110312

Yewa South LGA

  • Ilaro: 211101
  • Ayetoro: 211103

Please note that the above list provides only a few examples of zip codes in different cities and LGAs of Ogun State. There are numerous other zip codes for various areas within the state.

How Ogun State Zip Codes Work

Ogun State’s zip code system is hierarchical, separating the state into many areas and towns. Here’s an explanation of how the system works:

State-Level Codes: The representation of the state by the first two digits of the zip code. The code for Ogun State begins with “11.”

The following two digits designate the Local Government Area (LGA). Ogun State has multiple LGAs, each with its code.

  • District Codes: The two numbers following the LGA code denote the district within that LGA.
  • Town Codes: The district’s town is specified by the last two numbers.

Residents and companies who understand the structure may decode zip codes and easily traverse the postal system.

Problems with Zip Code Ogun State

While zip codes are of the intention to enable efficient postal delivery, several issues may develop. These difficulties might include erroneous or obsolete zip code information, anomalies in database entries, or sorting issues. It is always a good idea to double-check the zip code for a certain region using trusted sources like official postal service websites or local post offices.

FAQs On Zip Code Ogun State

Q: How many zip codes does Ogun State have?
A: Ogun State has multiple zip codes for its cities, towns, and villages. As new locations are established and current codes are changed, the exact number of zip codes may change.

Q: Can I use any zip code for my Ogun State location?
A: No, using the right zip code for your exact address in Ogun State is critical to ensuring accurate and timely mail delivery.

Q: Do zip codes evolve?
A: Zip codes might change as a result of urban development, reorganization, or other administrative causes. It’s always a good idea to double-check your current zip code.

Q: Are zip codes exclusive to Nigeria or do they apply globally?
A: Zip codes are used all across the world, however, each country has its system. Zip codes in Nigeria are allocated by the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) and are unique to Nigerian localities.

Zip Code Ogun State

Q: Can I use the same zip code in Ogun State for many locations?
A: No, every locality in Ogun State has its zip code.

Q: Are zip codes consistent among postal services?
A: No, zip codes differ according to the nation and postal service.

Q: How frequently do zip codes change?
A: Zip codes may change from time to time for administrative or topographical reasons. It’s usually a good idea to double-check the current zip code for a certain place.

Q: What should I do if I’m unclear about a location’s zip code?
A: For proper zip code information, contact your local post office or visit official postal service websites.

Q: Can I use a zip code and a postal code interchangeably?
A: Zip codes and postal codes serve the same function and the uses are interchangeable.


Finally, understanding Ogun State zip codes is critical for efficient mail delivery and proper address reference. You may ensure that your mail and parcels are quickly processed and delivered to their intended destinations by using the right zip code. Knowing the zip code system would tremendously aid you in your postal requirements whether you are a resident, company owner, or tourist to Ogun State.

Always double-check your zip code using reputable sources such as internet directories or the NIPOST office. Keeping your address information correct and up to date will help the postal system in Ogun State-run smoothly.

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