How to Check Your Visa Status in Bahrain

If you’re wondering how to check your visa status in Bahrain, just follow these easy instructions. Checking your visa status is crucial whether you are a resident or a visitor to maintain compliance with the country’s immigration regulations. In this blog post, we will show you how to Check your visa status in Bahrain and give you the step-by-step guide you need to do so.

Visit the Website of the Bahrain Electronic Visa Service.

To check your visa status, go to the Bahrain Electronic Visa Service’s official website. The website serves as the official platform for the Ministry of Interior Websites. This website provides a variety of services relating to Bahrain visa applications and permissions. Additionally, it offers a variety of visa-related services to citizens, residents, and tourists. A web browser can be used to access the webpage.

Access the Visa Enquiry Section

Look for the “Visa Enquiry” area after you’ve arrived at the Bahrain Electronic Visa Service website. This area allows you to check the progress of your visa or permit application by giving precise information about your application. To reach the visa inquiry page, click on the supplied link. To continue, input the information exactly as it appears in your passport. This contains the Application Reference Number you obtained when you applied for your visa or permit.

Enter the Application Reference Number

You will be asked to provide your application reference number on the visa inquiry page. When you apply for a visa or permission, you will be granted this number. Input the Application Reference Number from your passport. Before proceeding, double-check the number’s correctness, since any inconsistencies may result in an inaccurate visa status.

Submit Your Application Reference Number

To proceed with the visa status check, enter your application reference number and click the submit button. Based on the specified reference number, the system will then obtain the required information.

How to Check Your Visa Status in Bahrain

Check the Status of Your Visa

The system will indicate the current status of your visa or permission once you provide your application reference number. It will notify you if your visa application has been granted, is pending, or has been refused. It may also give further information on the validity and terms of your visa.

Contact the Support Team (if necessary)

If you face any problems throughout the visa status check procedure or want more assistance, you may contact the visa services support staff in Bahrain. They will be able to answer your issues and offer more assistance.

Additional Resources and Information On How to Check Your Visa Status in Bahrain

If you have any problems or queries about your visa status, you should contact the relevant authorities immediately. You can seek additional assistance from Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior.

Visit the official websites of the Ministry of Interior and the Expatriate Portal – LMRA for further information on visas, permits, and other relevant services. These websites offer extensive resources and assistance to anyone looking for visa information in Bahrain.

FAQs On How to Check Your Visa Status in Bahrain

Q1: Can I check my visa status through the LMRA Expatriate Portal?

A1: No, the Expatriate Management System (EMS) of the LMRA might be temporarily unavailable for maintenance. It is recommended to use the Bahrain Electronic Visa Service website mentioned above for checking visa status.

Q2: Are there alternative methods to check visa status in Bahrain?

A2: Yes, apart from the online visa status check, you can also visit the nearest Bahrain embassy or consulate to inquire about your visa status. However, the online method is more convenient and accessible.

Q3: What if my visa application is still under review?

A3: If your visa application is still under review, it means the authorities are processing your application and evaluating the necessary information. It is advisable to wait for the final decision and check the status regularly for any updates.

Q4: How long does it take to receive a visa decision in Bahrain?

A4: The processing time for visa applications in Bahrain may vary depending on various factors such as the type of visa, current workload, and the accuracy of the provided documents. It is recommended to check with the visa authorities or embassy for estimated processing times.


Checking your visa status in Bahrain is a simple procedure that may be accomplished via the Bahrain Electronic Visa Service website. You may easily discover the status of your visa or permission by following the steps mentioned above. To avoid any legal complications during your stay in Bahrain, your visa must stay valid. Stay educated, follow the correct processes, and have a wonderful vacation in this lovely nation.

Remember that if you want further information or have particular questions about your visa status, you should examine the official websites and contact the relevant authorities for accurate and up-to-date information.

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